People Strategies

Human Dimensions specialise in the review and creation of People Strategies.  Your biggest asset will likely be your workforce. Having a well thought out strategy that is aligned to your business strategy will enable your business success.  With key performance metrics that can measure the effectiveness of your strategy you’ll know if you’re on the right track.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning can be exciting for an organisation, but also daunting.  Alignment between your strategic priorities and your team’s individual goals are vital for your business longevity.  You might be in the start-up phase, or an established and mature business.   In order to stay relevant in this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world and have continued business success, it is important to re-visit your strategic plan and ensure you and your team are clear on the strategic goals.

Human Dimensions can facilitate a strategic planning session for your team, at the Board, Executive team and Operational team level.  The session is designed for you at any point you’re at in your strategic planning cycle.  If you’ve never had a strategic plan, we can help you with that too and ensure you have the skills and knowledge to review your plan once it is set with measurable performance metrics and accountability for each member of your team members.

We can provide a review of your current strategy, or help you to create a new strategy.

Workforce Strategy

Resources are often the most significant cost in a business.  Is your workforce optimal for your needs?  Is your workforce skilled in the areas you require?  Will your workforce be able to meet your business’ growth goals?  Human Dimensions can help you to consider your current workforce and future needs.  Through the analysis of data and your strategic goals we can identify gaps and development areas for your workforce.

We have experience in undertaking this work in higher education, health, technology and financial service businesses.

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