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You may be feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled, like you need a change.  You may be considering a new career, or a change in your current role.  You may be thinking about returning to paid work.  You may be ready to work on your personal vision, so you can realise a life dream or even consider one.

Coaching can enable you to consider your world through different dimensions that you may not have connected with.  Which dimensions of your life are receiving more attention than others?  Are you looking to change the balance of what you are giving your energy to for greater personal impact?

Through 1:1 sessions you will connect with your vision which will enable you to live a more fulfilled and satisfying life

What you can expect?

Initial discussion (free)

  • In this session, we explore your needs and whether coaching can help.  We also take you through our coaching method

First session

  • Vivid vision
  • Human Dimensions life wheel
  • Creating your vision

Second session

  • Coaching plan
  • Refining your vision

Third and subsequent sessions

  • Progress against vision, life wheel, coaching plan
  • Continual check ins

For more information please contact or on

+61 409 800 557

Testimonial from a client, Katarina Tomka

“I had the pleasure to work with Rita as my professional coach over a  twelve month period. Rita’s guidance was instrumental in helping me to work out my overall life vision and strategies to achieve my career and future-self goals. The vision I created thanks to Rita’s guidance helped me to work out my next move on my career path and furthermore Rita’s rich knowledge and experience of the HR industry led me to rethink my work-life balance and realign my work efforts with my life and family needs to fulfil my vision. I explored the establishment of my own business and started consulting in my area of expertise whilst working on new skills enabling me to further my knowledge and passion for the industry I want to work in. 

Working with Rita is a truly enriching and transformational experience and I feel more confident about my future than ever before and excited about the opportunities ahead.”