The life of a consultant – my first year

Posted on October 25, 2019
By rita cincotta

The life of a consultant – my first year

12 months ago life looked very different to what it does now.

I knew I was about to leave my big grown up job, but others didn’t.  I knew that it was time to enact my vision, a vision that I had worked on for two years prior.  And fundamentally I knew it was time.

My vision was risky.  It entailed me leaving a career that I had built over 20 years.  It meant losing aspects of my identity.  It meant stepping into who I am, fully, deeply and honestly.  It provided the opportunity to more deeply connect with the role of being a mother on a level previously unknown to me.

The learning curve was steep.

I was setting up a business for the first time.  I became the marketing, IT and finance department.    

I had to balance the excitement with pragmatism, the fear with courage and the doubts with optimism.

I tried many different strategies.  Some worked and some didn’t.  And that was just fine.  Because in my first year, I set out to try lots of different things.  My measures of success were not about making lots of money.    It was about feeling fulfilled as an individual.  My view on money and success is that it will come if you enjoy what you are doing, and you do an outstanding job.    

Having my vision, meant that when I had the opportunity to try something different, I knew what I was moving towards and I could focus on this rather than what I was leaving.  This felt extremely empowering.  I had put the time into really thinking about what I wanted, and I had control over when I enacted it.

The practical things I learned:

  • Treat your time as the most precious commodity you have, don’t waste it
  • Take time for self-care and integrate this as part of your life, daily- not as a one-off event
  • Keep a routine, just as you did when you were at work – this helps treat time respectfully
  • Ensure you have people to connect with regularly – being self employed can be lonely at times
  • Be generous with your advice – what you give you receive back in abundance
  • Have a vision with clear goals – this keeps you accountable and on track when boredom and procrastination hovers – and it does
  • Be honest with yourself – it’s the key to living a fulfilled life

I am thankful for the decision I made.  It ultimately allowed me to step into who I am, unencumbered.  It has enabled me to define who I am without the shackles of a job or career.  It has allowed me to integrate work and life fully and on my terms.

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