In a recent coaching session with a client, my advice was to relax into their new leadership role. This client isn’t a new leader; however, they are leading a new team. 

There is lots out there on the 90-day plan, the first 6 months etc.  All with well meaning advice on approaching a new role in the best way.  These suggestions, I am sure provide great advice. However  it may though not work as effectively for everyone. 

We will all have our own approach.  This will depend on our personality, level of experience, and leadership background.  The best think you can do in any leadership role at any time, is relax and be YOU.  You have been promoted or selected for the role because of what you bring.  Your uniqueness, your experience, your personality and your approach.  The more you can relax into the role, the more your qualities will shine through.  This will increase your impact and your effectiveness in the role.

Comparititus is a shocking ailment.  If one is diagnosed with this, they will find that they are forever comparing themselves to others.  They will be on guard for what others are doing and or not doing, and they have less time to focus on themselves, their value and what they bring.  A simple and effective treatment for this is to relax and be YOU.  Be self-aware, be conscious of others and how you can effectively lead them, be clear on your goals and what you are there to achieve, however just relax.

You are good enough, you are where you need to be, and you have earned your position because of what you bring.   Now relax and enjoy!