New Year… Different approach to goal setting

Posted on October 25, 2019
By rita cincotta

New Year… Different approach to goal setting

New year

New goals



Bigger, stronger, faster, better

But what if it wasn’t?

What if a new year brought something different?

Smaller, slower, calmer, better

If you were feeling pumped about your big goals yesterday, and today you are feeling less enthused, perhaps take a moment to consider what you’ve set out to achieve.

I am all for setting big ambitious goals and working hard to achieve them, but sometimes we need to set big ambitious goals and work hard to achieve something different.

More time to stop, reflect, consider and move slower.

The expectation and anticipation that accompanies new year goals can be overwhelming, like you’re setting out to climb a big mountain.  At times we can feel exhilarated by this, but sometimes we don’t.  And that’s ok.

If you can, just pause in January.  There’s a whole year ahead. And on that topic, I’ve been thinking about 12-month goals… I prefer seasonal goals.  For a few reasons:

  1.  I like to adjust my goals to the seasons.  In the warmer months I’m drawn to different things than I am in the cooler months, so it makes sense to adjust my goals to the seasons, so I can feel optimal in mind and body
  2. I like to measure progress regularly, so I can adapt as I go… agile in practice
  3. Circumstances and feelings change – and so can my goals
  4. Minimises boredom of feeling “locked in” for 12 months

January is a great month to reflect and consider your vision, your story, your path.  In the quiet and calmness of reflection, our creativity and ideas tend to emerge.    Allow yourself time and space to feel this, so you can have clarity about what you want and need.

I wish you a fantastic year ahead, where you take big intentional deep breaths often and be calm knowing that all that you need, you already have within you. 

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