Making hard decisions

Posted on July 29, 2021
By rita cincotta

Making hard decisions

Photo source: Unsplash - Joshua Fuller

Making hard decisions is never easy. 

I guess that’s why they’re called hard decisions!  

Often, it’s not the decision itself that is hard, but the lead up to actually making the decision.

Am I doing the right thing?

What’s the impact of this decision versus that decision?

Who is impacted by my decision?

The list of questions could go on if we allow it to.

How does this decision align to my goals?

I would like to offer what I think is the most important question and maybe even the only question you need to ask yourself when you are faced with making a hard decision.

If you can ask and answer that question, you may mitigate the need for the other questions.   

The other way to look at hard decisions, is that whilst it may feel that everything is closing in as you consider your answer such as foregoing other options in favour of just one, you may find you are actually opening up to a set of new opportunities that would never have been possible if not for that hard decision.

And here’s one more tip… hard decisions are not made easier by waiting. There is a high probability that you already know the answer. But maybe it's just hard to cross the line into “decision made" territory. Once you do though - it feels lighter, easier and brighter.   I would encourage you to rip off the bandaid. Gently tugging at it is much more painful.

Once the decision is made it feels like that enormous cumbersome heavy weight is lifted off- just like that.  At that point you sigh with relief, asking yourself why it took you so long to make the decision in the first place. 

Don’t let hard decisions become bigger than they need to be. 

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