Leader as Coach

September 9, 2021
By rita cincotta

Leader as Coach

Why do we need to lead differently?  The way we work has changed.  We are not going back to what was pre-pandemic any time soon.  Leaders are tired, overworked and they are leading in unchartered waters.  Leading remote and hybrid teams is now a normal occurrence and not an exception.  The circumstances that leaders used to rely upon to lead aren’t the same.  Leaders no longer have the same dynamics that they were used to working in.  Teams are dispersed, our methods of communication and collaboration have substantially changed, and we are all trying desperately to remain engaged and connected.  These changes have created the urgency to now rethink the way we lead.  It’s time to look at leadership differently.

The role of the Leader as a Coach

When a leader takes on a coaching style, leadership does look different.  Firstly, leadership in this mode is more collaborative.  The leader will ask more than tell.  In asking they will seek to explore rather than direct. The leader demonstrates a genuine curiosity when seeking to understand, rather than seeking to prove a point. There is a focus on collaboration, guidance and support.  The leader seeks to bring out the best in the team at a team and individual level. Development is based on individual, and team needs and is explored and enabled regularly.   

The Leader as Coach program

Over 6 masterclasses you will enhance your leadership by incorporating a coaching style into your leadership.

October and November intakes now open.

For a copy of the whitepaper and program details contact Rita.


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